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Does your marketing need a unique boost? Are you fed-up with your sales pitches looking good then going wrong right at the last minute? We're not miracle workers here at Schokologo, but what we DO know how to do is make your products stand-out in a way which can't fail to get you noticed! That means amazing personalised chocolate products and much more edible marketing options besides.
We've written a number of custom chocolate blog posts over the past few months. Many of them have covered the various kinds of custom chocolate business gifts we can produce for companies, while some have discussed, in more detail, how businesses can improve their marketing by ordering personalised chocolates as gifts for clients. This post takes what we do a step further! Read on for a wide range of ideas which should suit your business's needs, no matter what clientele you are looking to please.
Visited our website yet ( ? On there you'll find all kinds of information about how to order, as well as lots of examples of all the innovative bespoke chocolate products we've created in the past.
Once people have seen our ideas and been inspired, the next thing they usually ask is: what's included when I order with Schokologo? This blog post answers that question comprehensively and should give you a much better idea about what to expect.
Every week, we produce edible marketing products for a whole host of different reasons. Sometimes it's to reinforce a brand – as with large firms like DHL or Nokia – and other times it's to launch a brand-new product that's never before been seen. But whatever the product, all have one thing in common: each one is produced using cutting-edge machinery.
Schokologo: great custom chocolate ideas for large corporations and small businesses alike!
Here at Schokologo, much of our business involves dealing with medium-to-large size companies. In the past we've made logo chocolate mobile phones, all kinds of edible marketing engineering replicas – things like bearings and moving car parts – and countless keys with logos on. But that doesn't mean that we can't also provide solutions for the smaller businesses out there also! Here are a few ideas which we can recreate in runs as small as just 50 pieces at a time:
What Schokologo embossed chocolate can do for your clients and your business

Put yourself in the mind-set of your client: it's a busy Monday morning and the mail arrives. You don't have time to go through each and every letter right now. Instead, you scan for the most important items – a collection of envelopes, packages and parcels which you need more than anything else. The rest? It can wait. The only trouble is, some get left for too long, and some look so uninteresting that they get completely forgotten…
Custom's been around for centuries and we don't see that passion dying down any time soon! On the Schokologo website you'll find all kinds of photos of past edible marketing products we’ve created
A client arrives and, together with your team, you sit down for a meeting. Within the confines of the minimal white room, words are kept professional and the subject matter rarely strays from the theme of the meeting
Here at Schokologo, we get a lot of emails every single week asking how we can help customers and what makes our service unique.
Corporate gifts from Schokologo strengthen the relationship between your customers and business partners and you. It doesn't matter if the corporate gifts are for mailings, fairs, promotions or christmas presents - the gifts are always welcome leaving a sweet lasting impression by the corporates.
As you'd expect, our website is designed so that in just a few seconds, every interested customer can get a good idea of what we do and how we do it...but that doesn't mean we don't also have a few secrets up our sleeve! Here are five things we've been doing since the start which might take you by surprise
We're always getting enquiries about how we might be able to add that extra spark to marketing campaigns using our established chocolate expertise, and, while we've been releasing press releases for the past couple of months, that still doesn't seem to be enough space to demonstrate all of what we can do!
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