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5 predictions for the wine industry in 2019. Let’s hope they turn out that the next ten years would be “the Prosecco decade”, as opposed to the confident prediction to a roomful of wine producers in South Africa and that “the UK would definitely vote to Remain”.
One of the best things about edible marketing products, logo chocolate and custom chocolate business gifts is how easy they are to adapt to various commercial needs. Machinery may seem cold and less personal than the human touch, but Schokologo's modern equipment has been designed and programmed to shape chocolate with even the finest detail. When it comes to design, we can deliver on every single level, and that means great things for companies that make their living through the mediums of writing, fonts and images.
Here at Schokologo, we do boxes of chocolates, replica chocolates, bespoke chocolates and all kinds of edible marketing products. With a list as long as that, it's inevitable that potential customers and returning customers will have some questions! Here are a few of the infrequently asked questions we sometimes get asked. For answers to more commonly asked ones, our website should be able to help you out.
Chocolate Logos for the Holidays-the perfect executive Christmas gift -- for the VIPs who already have everything, for sales reps and vendors bored with the popcorn.
Here at Schokologo, we spend a lot of time designing, crafting and selling great bespoke chocolate business gifts and all kinds of custom chocolates (as well as lots more besides, which can be found on our Products page). And from the feedback we've been getting on our edible marketing products, it's obvious that chocolate is always a winner with both the family and customers.
If you've been tasked with getting in touch with clients this Christmas and thanking them for their business, then after scratching your head first, you'll probably have been through a range of options: either send a card, give them a ring or make them smile with a stunning surprise gift.
Bespoke chocolates, edible marketing gifts and custom chocolate gifts are fantastic – we know it, you know it, everyone knows it. Simple. Sending a chocolate prototype of your latest product is bound to turn heads and get people talking – our cutting-edge technology can create a replica of virtually anything, no matter how detailed!
While many visitors arrive at our website with a perfectly-formed idea of the chocolate-themed gift they want to give to their clients – our innovative edible marketing products are always one solution – we're well aware that not everyone does. Do you go for bespoke chocolate business gifts, personalised chocolates or embossed chocolates with a surprising centre? Well, today we’re going to help you work that out.
Edible marketing ideas, bespoke chocolates, gift boxes and hampers for every kind of client – that's what Schokologo is all about, along with a big helping of innovation. Over the years we've created replica chocolate prototypes for a whole host of big-name clients, as well as small-to-mid-range companies. We've even made mobile phones out of chocolate (although you'll have to go to Nokia for ones that actually work!).
Looking for logo chocolate, custom chocolate or embossed chocolate? Maybe you need some custom chocolate business gifts or some luxurious edible marketing? In either case, and for much more besides, read on…
With personalised chocolates and bespoke chocolate business gifts, there’s a vast array of choice. Allow us to point you in the right direction with a few great edible marketing ideas that you might not have thought possible!
Custom chocolate, logo chocolate, embossed chocolate and edible marketing products…but where to begin? Then there are Clients…and this is something else to consider. After all, you want to impress them but you don't want to seem disingenuous or like you’re trying too hard. And things get even more difficult when you're approaching a new client who you've not done much business with before. How do you use bespoke chocolates to approach different kinds of clients in a way which won't be the same as they've seen a hundred-times before?
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