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While many visitors arrive at our website with a perfectly-formed idea of the chocolate-themed gift they want to give to their clients – our innovative edible marketing products are always one solution – we're well aware that not everyone does. Do you go for bespoke chocolate business gifts, personalised chocolates or embossed chocolates with a surprising centre? Well, today we’re going to help you work that out.

Schoko cards

Our shoko card idea was born out of a love for the Christmas, birthday and celebration card we all know and love. Why not put some of our finest chocolate inside it? we thought, and so we did and never looked back! The result was a series of cards which has been very well received. We can put dark, white or plain chocolate inside these cards, giving you a special little something to send to a client.

Schoko cards have many uses, too. Send one to the owner of a business to say a quick thank you and Merry Christmas! Or send one to every employee of a small or large company. How you choose to impress people is entirely up to you.

Bespoke chocolate gift boxes

Designed with many different kinds of people in mind, our gift boxes have one big difference that you won't find in the shops on the high-street: ours come with a personalised slab of chocolate in the middle which we can emboss with any symbol, quote, motto or company name. The best thing about a box of chocolates with a personalised piece at its centre is that it's ideal for a small team of people, or a company director. We know that both company directors and secretaries receive a lot of gifts and packages, in particular at Christmas as a way to say Thank You, and we've designed our boxes of pralines and other chocolates to suit any taste and really hit the mark!



Chocolate prototypes

Are you an engineering firm or a company which makes high-end small parts for boats? Maybe you're an architect who has created a brand-new way to put roofs on using a small metal widget. In any case, we can create an exact chocolate replica of virtually any prototype you can possibly imagine. Our machines use only the finest precision technology, so what you'll get will be a precise re-imagining of your prototype. Better still, it’s one that your customers and clients can actually eat!

Lots of other cutting-edge ideas...

We may be best known for our replica chocolate and embossed chocolate products, but we have a whole selection of other things on offer, and many of these can be seen on our website.

Have a question for one of our expert chocolatiers? Then feel free to contact us via email or phone. We’re always here to help, and if it sounds difficult to make then we’re certainly up for the challenge!


And one last thing: if you're struggling to decide what kind of design to put on your personalised chocolate pieces then we can also be of assistance. We've helped hundreds of clients, from Nokia to DHL, so we've seen it all and are happy to pass on our design advice and knowledge wherever it is needed. 

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