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The design of chocolate shapes is determined by physical limitations of the technology used and the methods of designing the molds. There are some limitations when designing the molds with fine structures and elements such as small writings or other tiny details. Also when pouring the chocolate into very fine molds, air bubbles come up onto the surface of the finished product. In order to reduce the bubbles it's common to to shake the mold while of pouring the chocolate into it. It's not a very effective method and some air bubbles remain and appear on tiny texts and graphics like the dot above the letter i for example. For this reason most custom chocolate products do not include delicate details. Another mold designing problem is corners. If you look at the surface of the common praline you will notice that the surfaces are always rounded and the depressions in the mold are shallow with slanted edges, never at a 90° angle and never with sharp edges.

Last but not least:

The costs of molds preparation are high. The price could be high as several thousand dollars to produce one mold, that's why the production of custom chocolates used to be only cost effective in large quantities.

We have solved all of these problems with our technology.