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Traditional & Innovative Ideas For Christmas

With personalised chocolates and bespoke chocolate business gifts, there’s a vast array of choice. Allow us to point you in the right direction with a few great edible marketing ideas that you might not have thought possible!

Let's imagine you've been charged with the task which comes around every year: with Christmas just a few weeks away, you're to sit down with colleagues and decide what you ought to do to say thanks to various people connected with your business. And the list is enormous...first you have employees, then you have suppliers, then you have partners. On top of all this, you have to re-connect with people who have helped you, look for new business, and ensure you don't forget anyone.

It's no surprise that this is a challenge which seems like it'll never-end!

With this in mind, imagine a company who use fine-quality chocolate to create a marketing sensation which is much more than just words on a page. That's where we come in! Read on for some great ideas which should make people feel special, and also result in new leads and worthwhile business relationships:

Why not send a shoko card? Many have done, and it really works

Our shoko cards are much more fun than conventional Christmas cards, and the best thing is that if you're unsure you'll be ready to order before Christmas, they can be a great way to invite business partners to your New Year's party or anything else you have happening in 2013. Each one is a classic card design with an extra-special piece of chocolate inside...put your name on it or emboss it with your company logo. There are countless options here, so don't be afraid to think creatively!

Get past the receptionist with a great gift for a new business's workforce!

It's well-known that the receptionists of the world are the gate-keepers of invitations. Worked hard and forced to quickly decide on what marketing promotions to take notice of, a receptionist might love your letter and send it straight through to management, or decide to shred it and forget all about you. Buy sending a box of chocolates with a difference, however, we think it's highly unlikely they'll forget you any time soon. Our boxes come complete with a slab of gorgeous white, dark or milk chocolate, and we can print almost anything onto the pieces, making for a really personalised chocolate surprise that can’t fail to make an impact! Finish this off with a shoko card for the receptionist and she'll hand all this over with a smile upon her face, immediately forging a great first impression.

Why not get the attention of management by sending a deluxe chocolate prototype?


In 2012, managers, bosses and high-ranking executives are bored with the same old sales pitch, so if you want them to think twice about hiring you then it may be wise to think innovatively! That's where we're most comfortable, so don't think that going the non-traditional route has to be tricky. If you run an engineering company, for example, then why not do something outlandish and create chocolate prototypes which serve a dual purpose? That way, they'll get to see exactly what your machined pieces look and feel like, and when they're done discussing the pros and cons, they'll be able to eat it, leaving them with a lasting feeling that you're a forward-thinking company who thinks on their feet. Visit out site to see the full range of personalised chocolate products on offer, or ask us to send you a paper brochure so that you can get away from the computer and check out some tempting personalised chocolates while relaxing with a drink.

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