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Need Help With Designing Your Chocolate Gift? Look No Further, Because We Can Help!

If you've been tasked with getting in touch with clients this Christmas and thanking them for their business, then after scratching your head first, you'll probably have been through a range of options: either send a card, give them a ring or make them smile with a stunning surprise gift. The good news is that while we can't help you with drafting a letter or email, what we can do is inspire you with design and a huge choice of exceptional ideas. Things like edible marketing products, personalised chocolate gifts, custom chocolate large and small and the kind of professionally embossed chocolate that really makes you stand out from the crowd!



Your first option might be a shoko card. The ideal alternative to the same kind of Christmas card as everyone else is giving, our shoko cards combine gorgeous chocolate with the traditional sending of a message. Looking for a box of chocolates with a personalised chocolate piece at its centre? We have some stunning praline chocolates ready to go, and we can emboss the chocolate piece in the middle of the box with anything, from a company logo to a quote or even a signature!

If you've decided that you do want to send a box of chocolates with a bespoke chocolate piece at its centre, then the next thing you may be wondering about is what font to write the message in. Equally, you may be looking to put a spin on your logo by changing it slightly and giving it some Christmas flair. Here are some ideas which we think can help you work this out and find a font that suits to perfection:

Why not take inspiration from old-fashioned Christmas cards?

If you're looking to make your logo or message as Christmas-themed as possible, then traditional Christmas cards from times-gone-by are the first place to start. Either you can head out to the shops and take a photo of fonts that take your fancy using your smartphone, or you can go through some old boxes of cards and see if getting nostalgic helps.

Microsoft Word or Open Office has the answer

Both Microsoft Word and Open Office have hundreds of different kinds of fonts, from simple to elaborate, bold to elegant. And don't worry if you find a font that looks particularly complex...our cutting-edge machinery can handle embossing plain, dark or milk chocolate with almost any design you can find. Or we can craft you some beautiful replicas of prototypes which you make so that once your client has looked at them, they can eat them afterwards!

Go through some magazines

Magazines have all kinds of designs, fonts and images which might prove inspirational, and the good news is that a lot of old fonts have now come back into fashion.

Film credits are great for fonts, too!

Film titles and film credits are sharp, modern and just as forward-thinking as the machinery which we use to emboss countless pieces of chocolate with. Simply pause on the title which you like, do a sketch and let us see it. If you need help with forging the final design then that's not an issue. To get the ball rolling, please get in touch with us and let us know your thoughts. By working together, we should get fantastic results.


Just want to get an idea of what we do first? Then please see our Products page for all kinds of custom chocolate business gifts, logo chocolate solutions and bespoke chocolates!

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