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Quality Chocolate At Christmas? Here's 6 Great Reasons Why It's A Must!

Here at Schokologo, we spend a lot of time designing, crafting and selling great bespoke chocolate business gifts and all kinds of custom chocolates (as well as lots more besides, which can be found on our Products page). And from the feedback we've been getting on our edible marketing products, it's obvious that chocolate is always a winner with both the family and customers.

So, with no further ado, here are 5 reasons why quality chocolate at Christmas is nothing less than an absolute must!

Number 1: with chocolate now so cheap, nothing puts a smile on someone's face like beautifully made logo chocolate. Each and every chocolate that we make is handcrafted by an expert chocolatier to your exact specification. The result? You'll find nothing like it in the shops, we assure you.

Number 2: getting personalised chocolate just right is only half the battle. The other half is all about how you present it! Suffice to say that we've put a lot of thought and effort into coming up with classy packaging that looks the part and really puts a smile on your client’s face.

Number 3: right now, with the economy unpredictable and difficult to make sense of, saying thanks to your workforce or business partners is critical at Christmas time more than ever. Everyone likes to feel valued and respected, and our chocolate can be embossed with any design, motif or signature you like! We only use cutting-edge technology to produce our bespoke chocolates, so no matter how complex the design, we'll be able to replicate it perfectly on milk, white or dark chocolate. We can also make chocolate replicas of your prototypes, giving you a way to be entirely unique!

Number 4: another brilliant reason why sending personalised chocolate as a gift is so ideal is very simple: chocolate doesn't generally cause allergies and is very safe to eat. Unlike peanuts, flavourings in sweets and many other things, chocolate can be enjoyed by everyone. Peace-of-mind all round means happy customers and satisfied clients.

Number 5: sending your personalised chocolates abroad? If so, we can assure you that they'll be appreciated. Like language, laughter and smiling, chocolate is one of those very special things that is enjoyed across the world, no matter what the culture. Sending personalised chocolates to Japan or anywhere else? We can custom-make your chocolates with the theme of your choice.

Number 6: now we've covered a few reasons, you'd think we'd be running out. But that's not the case! If you need another great reason to send bespoke chocolate gifts then consider this: we also do hampers and all kinds of chocolate combinations, including praline chocolates and cards with chocolate hidden inside. Great news if you're sending them to an office where you're unsure what everyone likes, because with a hamper and cards, you can send a few different chocolatey things and everyone should have something to enjoy and appreciate!




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