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Schokologo: Ideas For A Global Audience

Looking for logo chocolate, custom chocolate or embossed chocolate? Maybe you need some custom chocolate business gifts or some luxurious edible marketing? In either case, and for much more besides, read on…

In just the first six-months of 2003 alone, the Chocolate & Cocoa Association of Japan reported that somewhere in the region of 96,000 tonnes of chocolate were produced. In Morocco, Marrakech is home to some of the finest traditional chocolates in the country, with Güeliz brimming with small traditional shops. In India, consumption of chocolate is increasing all the time, while in France – known by many as the home of fine foods – chocolate has always been considered an essential part of both Easter and Christmas celebrations.

In other words, no matter where you go in the world, chocolate is adored!

And here in Germany, chocolate is just as well-loved as anywhere else in the world. What’s more, if you're looking to treat your overseas clients to an extra-special Christmas or New Year’s gift then we can certainly be of service. Equally, we have a wide range of shoko cards on offer – each one ideal for inviting clients to upcoming parties or getting in touch for the very first time and making a stunning initial connection.

If you're new to what we do, allow us to briefly explain: Schokologo proudly creates stunning, hand-made chocolates with a vast array of choice and a dedication to the craft at all levels. Send a box of delicious pralines with a piece of chocolate at its centre, complete with your motif or company logo printed onto it, or work with us to create a prototype of a product you sell. The best part about our cutting-edge machinery is that we can create precision-crafted chocolates of all shapes and sizes that really get your message across. And we care about tradition too, for example...

...let's say you had a client in Japan. You once visited them a few years ago and the language problem was clear: not only was communication difficult, but making a good impression and getting your point across was tricky also, with cultural differences being so obvious.

This is a scenario which Schokologo has experienced a hundred times. While the Japanese may only be in small part Christian – the majority of the population is made up of the Buddhist and Shinto faiths – they love Christmas as much as we do, and we take pride in creating embossed chocolate and innovative logo chocolate ideas which the Japanese adore. And from what we have seen and the feedback we've been given, the result of being respectful can pay-off enormously: firstly, your clients recognise the amount of time you've put into considering the thought behind their gift, and secondly, they relate this to your work-ethic and believe you to be professional.


Of course, we can create fine bespoke chocolates to send to any country in the world, and we’ll take into account everything that you tell us, from quantity to shape to that all-important-taste which males logo chocolate an irresistible choice. Christmas may be fast approaching, but there's still time to order, so please get in touch via the website or see our ever-growing Products page to see what we can do for you.

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