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5 predictions for the wine industry in 2019. Let’s hope they turn out that the next ten years would be “the Prosecco decade”, as opposed to the confident prediction to a roomful of wine producers in South Africa and that “the UK would definitely vote to Remain”.
Chocolate Logos for the Holidays-the perfect executive Christmas gift -- for the VIPs who already have everything, for sales reps and vendors bored with the popcorn.
Looking for logo chocolate, custom chocolate or embossed chocolate? Maybe you need some custom chocolate business gifts or some luxurious edible marketing? In either case, and for much more besides, read on…
Custom chocolate, logo chocolate, embossed chocolate and edible marketing products…but where to begin? Then there are Clients…and this is something else to consider. After all, you want to impress them but you don't want to seem disingenuous or like you’re trying too hard. And things get even more difficult when you're approaching a new client who you've not done much business with before. How do you use bespoke chocolates to approach different kinds of clients in a way which won't be the same as they've seen a hundred-times before?
Schokologo: great custom chocolate ideas for large corporations and small businesses alike!
Here at Schokologo, much of our business involves dealing with medium-to-large size companies. In the past we've made logo chocolate mobile phones, all kinds of edible marketing engineering replicas – things like bearings and moving car parts – and countless keys with logos on. But that doesn't mean that we can't also provide solutions for the smaller businesses out there also! Here are a few ideas which we can recreate in runs as small as just 50 pieces at a time: