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Great custom chocolate ideas

Here at Schokologo, much of our business involves dealing with medium-to-large size companies. In the past we've made logo chocolate mobile phones, all kinds of edible marketing engineering replicas – things like bearings and moving car parts – and countless keys with logos on. But that doesn't mean that we can't also provide solutions for the smaller businesses out there also! Here are a few ideas which we can recreate in runs as small as just 50 pieces at a time:


1: Looking for a wine and chocolate combo package? These are ideal as thankyou gifts at the end of the year, or as additions to invitations. We have a wide range of packaging options too, so your customers will never get tired of hearing from you in the future with our custom chocolate business gifts! 


2: Why not combine bespoke chocolate pieces with individual chocolates of the more traditional variety? This option works well for a number of reasons. Firstly, you get to put your name on the chocolate piece, which means that you can also add your email address and phone number, and secondly you can select different kinds of individual chocolate pieces to go with it – different flavours, intriguing presentation. By doing this, everyone in the office gets something to their taste, and you can be sure that your contact details won't be forgotten!


3: There are countless reasons for sending logo chocolate to your clients. Easter is a popular choice, and if you're sending your chocolate gifts internationally then there are likely to be many different holidays which you can tie your package in with.


4: Are you a small business owner looking for an exciting way to catch someone’s attention? If you're a fashion designer, then we can put your sketches on bespoke chocolates. This is a novel way of showing off your dress designs which many people won't have seen before.


5: New businesses will find much to take advantage of with our products. Are you a solar panel company? If so then we can emboss your chocolate pieces with a house featuring your solar panels. Add a card to this – which you can fill-in with various details, like specifications for your products – and suddenly you have a great new way of demonstrating what you can well as putting a smile on your potential customer's face!


6: Do you run a stately home which is open to the public? Our chocolate pieces could be a great way of showing off the different aspects of the house via the medium of edible marketing. Better still, if you're open for business as a wedding venue then your customer will be delighted to see this forward-thinking approach, and get an immediate idea of what their venue might look like.




7: Do you make cakes to order? Sending custom chocolate pieces should really get your client in the mood for their next order! Our precision embossing techniques are designed to take the most complex images and transform chocolate into something which is both good for marketing your business and fun as well!

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