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Need an amazing way to impress your clients this Christmas?

Custom chocolate, logo chocolate, embossed chocolate and edible marketing products…but where to begin? Then there are Clients…and this is something else to consider. After all, you want to impress them but you don't want to seem disingenuous or like you’re trying too hard. And things get even more difficult when you're approaching a new client who you've not done much business with before. How do you use bespoke chocolates to approach different kinds of clients in a way which won't be the same as they've seen a hundred-times before?

The answer is simple: think different and forget the old-fashioned marketing tactics which make you seem dated and boring. Here at Schokologo we have all kinds of great edible marketing ideas, and here's the good news – all of them will make your client smile and remember you!

Take our schoko card idea, for example. The concept is extremely simple. You come to us and select a card to send to the client of your choice. Do they have 100 employees who you'd like to personally address? If so, you've come to the right place, because we can supply you with 101 (the extra 1 is for the boss!) cards, each with a piece of luxurious chocolate inside the card as a nice surprise. And here's why it's such a good idea: instead of just sending a blank piece of chocolate with no connection to the firm, we can put your signature, motif or company wording on it. In fact, when it comes to what we can emboss our personalised chocolate products with, there really is no limit to what's possible...if you'd like to see some examples then just head over to our website, where you can see all kinds of images of what we've done for some of the biggest, most forward-thinking companies out there!

If the idea of schoko cards doesn't appeal and you're looking to send something different, then have no fear – we've built our company's reputation doing exactly that! Need mobile phones crafted by hand out of finest chocolate? We can do that. Actually, we can do more or less anything, and with Christmas right around the corner there are all kinds of different ways to combine an invitation, message of thanks or marketing concept into the mix!
Another important thing we should say, before we sign-off and leave you to browse our numerous products, is that we don't only consider the chocolate. Because if there is one thing we have learned over the years, it's that packaging chocolate needs to be done with meticulous precision. After all, there's little point in sending out gifts to clients if those gifts don't look equally the part...and that's something we believe we excel in. With the whole package sorted out, the most difficult thing you'll need to do is work out how much to send and what kind of chocolate is the order of the day! (Note: we stock a few different varieties, so it's worth considering your options before you commit to ordering.)


Still looking for ideas? Then please see our Product page for delicious boxes of praline chocolates which combine bespoke custom chocolate slabs – with your company logo on, or some words – and a great-looking chocolate selection which should ensure your company stays in your client’s memory over the Christmas period and beyond.

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