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Why Our Replica Prototype Chocolates Really Make An Impact

Edible marketing ideas, bespoke chocolates, gift boxes and hampers for every kind of client – that's what Schokologo is all about, along with a big helping of innovation. Over the years we've created replica chocolate prototypes for a whole host of big-name clients, as well as small-to-mid-range companies. We've even made mobile phones out of chocolate (although you'll have to go to Nokia for ones that actually work!).Remote

Here are 5 reasons why our replica prototypes are such a requested item:

They’re the genuine article

When some people think of an engineering part or product made out of chocolate, they see it in a gimmicky light, and sometimes think that the prototype only vaguely resembles the actual item. A quick look at our brochure, however, will prove that this is far from the case! We use only the best cutting-edge machinery to create highly detailed chocolate pieces that we consider works of art. Each one is perfectly finished, too. No rough edges, just quality through and through.

Originality is better than the same old boring thing, don’t you think?

Replica chocolate items work so well because they look great, smell just as good and taste fantastic. Then there's the practical element, too. With a good weight to them, each replica piece gives the client a sound understanding of the size and use of your product.

There’s no limit to what we can make!

Years ago, making things out of chocolate was a long, drawn-out affair. Fortunately, with the finest technology available anywhere on the market, that's a thing of the past. We can make chocolate replicas in record time, and are always open to new ideas and concepts. Shapes aren't an issue either. Our machines can mould chocolate in circles and squares and more besides!

We can make business more fun

Business may be all about professionalism, but that doesn't mean you can't have some fun along the way, too. When clients receive their chocolate replicas, they're immediately intrigued and want to know more. This means good things if you're pitching to a company for the very first time. By creating a solid first impression, you'll give the company directors and staff something to both think about and take home to their loved-ones. The ideal compromise between being professional and having fun.

You can say much more with a replica than you can in words, or by using Skype

How many times have you struggled with finding the right words for your amazing products? With a chocolate replica, you won't have to. Instead of trying to show-off your products via a video-link and struggling with explaining all the ins and outs, your customers and clients will be able to see (and taste!) for themselves. By the time you need to chat over the phone, they’ll have a good idea of what you’re about and that makes things easier all round.


Five great reasons why a cutting-edge chocolate replica is a brilliant idea for forward-thinking businesses.

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