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Infrequently Asked Questions

Here at Schokologo, we do boxes of chocolates, replica chocolates, bespoke chocolates and all kinds of edible marketing products. With a list as long as that, it's inevitable that potential customers and returning customers will have some questions! Here are a few of the infrequently asked questions we sometimes get asked. For answers to more commonly asked ones, our website should be able to help you out.

Question: I'd like to have some chocolate replicas made of my engineering products, but I'm concerned about the quality of them. Can you explain a bit more about that? The detail needs to be top-notch.

Answer: Certainly, it'd be a pleasure.

We can see where you're coming from: your products are very precise, and you want chocolate replicas that will accurately reflect that. That's good news for us, because we only make high-quality replicas that really do look like what you want us to imitate (there are loads of examples of these on our website). Detail isn't a problem either, because our cutting-edge machinery is programmed to follow every tiny line, curve and indentation, giving us the capability to reproduce signatures as well. In other words, our replica chocolate pieces are as close to the real thing as you can possibly get. Best of all, your customers will enjoy eating them after they’ve had a look!

Question: I've been looking at your site and really like the products. I was just wondering...would you be able to send me some samples? I'd like to see them in the flesh before I commit.

Answer: Yes, yes, and yes again. Of course we can do that. Many small, medium and large companies have requested samples from us over the years. And we understand why you'd want to see them in the flesh. After all, images only go so far – if you're placing a large order you want to make sure you have total faith in what you're buying.

Question: I run a small business and am very interested in ordering a run of replica chocolates. The only thing is...I don't need thousands of them! I'd like maybe one-hundred, or even less. Is that a problem for you? Will I have to pay extra for this?

Answer: It's not a problem, it never has been and you won’t have to pay extra for this. We're happy to do very short runs of just fifty pieces at a time.

Question: We see you're based in Germany, and we see your website is also written in German. The only thing is...we're based in the United Kingdom and do business with clients across the world…in English! Can we order from you?

Answer: First things first, yes you can order from us. We dispatch a lot of international orders to the UK and they seem to be increasing every month. If you're looking at our site and reading it in German – or not reading it in German, as you pointed out – then all you have to do to change the words to English or another language is click on the small round flag icons above the Hotline number (which, incidentally, is +49 211 / 36 777 90). Or just use the following link for English


More from us soon!

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