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The many faces of Schokologo edible marketing

We've written a number of custom chocolate blog posts over the past few months. Many of them have covered the various kinds of custom chocolate business gifts we can produce for companies, while some have discussed, in more detail, how businesses can improve their marketing by ordering personalised chocolates as gifts for clients. This post takes what we do a step further! Read on for a wide range of ideas which should suit your business's needs, no matter what clientele you are looking to please.


Traditional-style logo chocolates always win. Why? Because everyone loves the look and feel of a classic chocolate. Our cutting-edge equipment can turn a traditional chocolate into a miniature masterpiece! Add an embossed flower design, or choose a logo synonymous with the art-deco movement to really make your chocolates come alive.


Modern life takes influences from history and styles them together into a great-looking package. Our chocolates do exactly the same, so why not get in touch and ask us if we can create contemporary chocolates that reflect the progressive nature of your business? (Answer: we can!)


To be abstract is to be fun! Our machinery can be programmed to emboss chocolates with literally anything, so why not get futuristic or choose a design which is completely innovative and unusual? It's bound to prove interesting, and we can emboss chocolates with a precision that is second-to-none.


Fashion is within the beating-heart of every city, and we've created countless logo chocolates for people who feel the need to express their fashionable, ground-breaking ideas.

Current affairs

The Olympics proved that a large event can be a great crowd-pleaser. Here at Schokologo, we could tie-in your chocolates with a certain world event, or, if you're a shop near a very famous volcano, we could print a design that features an eruption that made a big impact in the history books!


When it comes to bringing people together, nothing does that better than a joke! This is a great way to make your first-time dealing with a business a little more interesting and they'll definitely never forget you in the future.


Great designs, logos and signatures on chocolate. Simple and incredibly effective every single time. Once you have your logo on a piece of chocolate, it'll also create a great talking-point and from our experience, that's something that always gets good results.

For the children

Looking to send your nursery-school a thank-you at the end of the year? Fun Logo chocolates with cool designs could be the answer, and staff will love them just as much as children!

For the history lover

Aware that your clients have a firm interest in history? Then you might choose to ask us to create embossed chocolates that reflect a world-event, or maybe a box of embossed chocolate designs that capture the spirit of the people as they fought and won a desperate battle.


With so much edible marketing choice available, we're certain that one of these ideas holds a little bit of business magic in store for you!

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