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Great new ideas you may not have thought about

Custom's been around for centuries and we don't see that passion dying down any time soon! On the Schokologo website you'll find all kinds of photos of past edible marketing products we’ve created – everything from custom chocolate business gifts to bespoke chocolate to more corporate products with that irresistible edge we give to everything – and if you like we'll happily send you a brochure and a sample pack so you can taste for yourself!

If you need ideas right now about how to make your marketing campaign that much more effective, then you're in the right place. Read on for a few great ideas which are hot-off-the-press today, and if you have any queries, then do please feel free to call us.

1: Do your clients know where you are? If your premises are located in beautiful countryside with amazing scenery, then be sure to make the most of the landscape! Our cutting-edge machinery can create embossed chocolate of the highest order; this comes in very handy when you want to recreate a mountain scene, or give your clients an idea of your premises so that they can distinguish your office from the others around it.

2: That personal touch is what separates the biggest businesses from everyone else. Strangely, although they are big, these companies remain connected and in-tune with their customers at all times. However they do this – via blogs, news or regular webcasts – the effect is the same: people feel like they really know the team.

Here at Schokologo, we can print an image of your team onto chocolate of various sizes. So if you'd like to show people who does your marketing and who takes care of human resources, this is a fantastic logo chocolate option. Send these out and your clients will feel more at ease, and when they pick up the phone they'll have a much better idea of who they are speaking to.

3: Is your office difficult to find, located down a back-street in a big city? Well, we can help with that by making pieces of chocolate into maps which are very practical and also great for eating once your visitors arrive. Don't worry if the route is complex, either – our top-class machinery can handle that, and we'll also add in landmarks if you wish, to make it function as well as it possibly can as well as taste great.

4: Lastly, there's nothing like hearing what other people have got to say. The internet is wonderful for connecting people, but there has never been – and will never be – anything nearly as effective as word-of-mouth! So, now we know this, why not take advantage and have a client testimonial written on chocolate? That way, when they un-wrap it, the positive words of your most pleased clients will be the first thing they see. Not to mention once they have got thinking about this they'll be rewarded with unique custom chocolate that tastes a lot better than just another brochure!





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