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Five interesting things you might not know about Schokologo...

As you'd expect, our website is designed so that in just a few seconds, every interested customer can get a good idea of what we do and how we do it...but that doesn't mean we don't also have a few secrets up our sleeve! Here are five things we've been doing since the start which might take you by surprise:

1: need a gift to go along with your chocolate? Well, we've thought about that as well. We provide gift packages for both small family-run firms and larger corporate companies, too, so when you come to Schokologo, you'll be able to order the complete package without going anywhere else. Popular gifts are boxes of chocolates with wine – the bottle presented in a stunning box, of course – and chocolate wrapped up in the kind of stunning packaging that really sets off the right first impression!

2: we produce chocolate with highly intricate designs, more intricate than you may at first think: both our website and brochure have some fine examples of this, but we thought this was worth mentioning again here, just so you know we can imprint the most detailed writing and designs onto your chocolate! In fact, the more elaborate, the better, and with orders from companies such as DHL, it's something we've made a habit of getting right each and every time.

3: need a really original gift that incorporates tradition? In that case, you need to know all about our Schoko-cards...the ideal way to invite a client to a corporate event, or say thankyou for coming to our product launch opening. Available in a wide choice of designs, it looks like a normal card on the outside, until it's opened, and the chocolate is found...carefully wrapped-up in its own miniature packaging, ready to be eaten!

4: why not use chocolate in a way which re-branding can really benefit from? Years ago, re-branding involved lots of time and lots of paper-work– now, thanks to the digital revolution, it's completely different, and we like to think that our chocolate-themed re-branding gifts are an integral part of that forward-thinking movement. By handing out chocolates with your new logo and name on, you're not only cementing your new brand identity into the mind-set of the client, but you're doing so in a way which won't ever be forgotten. And surely that's the point, isn't it?

5: we can make any product interesting, no matter what it is: many companies come to us with a product and ask us to make an accurate replica out of chocolate. While it's true to say that not all products are as interesting as each other, we think it's fair to say that once they've been tasted, they become a lot more interesting. Our chocolate replica service is ideal for every-day engineering parts. Instead of just showing your customer the original, why not let them inspect an identical chocolate match and then go ahead and eat it?