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How chocolate became a great way into the hearts of clients everywhere

A client arrives and, together with your team, you sit down for a meeting. Within the confines of the minimal white room, words are kept professional and the subject matter rarely strays from the theme of the meeting. It's a common scenario, and while we believe business should always be business, that's not to say that we can't have a little fun every once in a while as well!

In terms of fun, here at Schokologo we're re-inventing putting fun back into business proceedings. Professionalism is always vital, of course, but one thing we know from experience is that clients love to see the unique personality of a business.

Schokologo was created so that modern businesses could benefit from 2 things: 1) cutting-edge technology which can be used in conjunction with marketing campaigns to dazzling result and 2) the finest chocolate, pure and simple. Something which we know all clients love, because we frequently receive emails from companies who have given chocolate as a gift with fantastic results!

We understand that in some ways, the idea of giving chocolate as a gift seems less than business-like. Yet in reality, because our technology can form chocolate into any shape, our products are nothing short of sophisticated. Not only that, but they serve an important practical purpose also: we can imprint any signature, embossing or design onto chocolate of varying sizes. This means that you can have a product made entirely out of chocolate – and not just any product, but a perfect real-life replica of something which your clients may be very much interested in!


Here are a few great examples of things we can do for various businesses:

1: Wedding planners: ever considered creating chocolate samples for your potential clients? We could imprint an image taken from a photograph you give us. This image might show a scene at a recent wedding you held, or a wonderful venue which you are trying to publicise.

2: Engineering firms: sometimes, engineering products are boring...they serve a specific purpose but are otherwise uninteresting to look at. Schokologo can easily create perfect replicas which are much more exciting. Not only that, but we can do so in a range of sizes, and package these pieces in such a way as to make them irresistible!

3: Fashion designers: showing a client sketches of your designs is crucial for business, but if you want to get really innovative then we think it's time to consider another option. Enter our chocolate pieces, which we can emboss elaborate designs into. Gift these to clients to give them a great idea of what you can do for them, and we're sure they'll remember not only the taste of the chocolate but the originality and creativeness that you so professionally displayed!

4: Landscape gardener? In that case, we could imprint a scene of a recent project. With machinery capable of creating fine artistic images, none of the quality will be lost and a unique approach to marketing will certainly be gained!



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