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Getting the most out of your bespoke chocolates


Every week, we produce edible marketing products for a whole host of different reasons. Sometimes it's to reinforce a brand – as with large firms like DHL or Nokia – and other times it's to launch a brand-new product that's never before been seen. But whatever the product, all have one thing in common: each one is produced using cutting-edge machinery.


Most of the time, we know exactly how to create your chocolate products, but here are a few ideas and questions which you might want to consider. The more information we have, the better the end result will be!


1: Have you thought about combining embossed chocolate with wine? We can do it, and do it with style. Our packaging is designed to create the best first-impression imaginable, giving you the edge over other companies who aren't as forward-thinking as you!


2: How about taking one of your prototype products and making it into chocolate? We can emboss it with your name, email address and telephone number if you like, and that's just the beginning of what we can do. Some companies ask us to write their slogan on their chocolates, while others prefer to have the names of their team members on them (and even their faces!). This is a great way of introducing customers to your business. By sending personalised chocolates, they'll see how working with you can be exciting and interesting as well as just the usual business.


3: Do you deal with international clients? In that case, many different languages may be spoken in their place of work. This is something that we feel we do exceedingly well. We can print all kinds of different words in all different languages onto your personalised chocolates. This means that nobody is left out and your products are understood wherever they are going in the world!


4: Have you considered ordering something made out of chocolate that’s totally unique? The options are virtually unlimited. For example, you may be a boat fitter who creates stunning narrow boats for use in England and Europe. If so, you could ask us to create embossed chocolates with your boats imprinted on them. You could also add measurements and notes, making the chocolates practical demonstrations of what you can achieve. Likewise, if you have a business that makes usually standard-looking parts of machinery, our machines will create stunning life-like copies out of chocolate. Dark, milk or white, we have a wide-range of ideas for you – all of which receive the same pride and attention from our chocolate making team!



5: Are you sending a letter to a large team of people? In this case, it may be too expensive to send numerous different embossed chocolate pieces along with it. But don't despair, because you still have many options available. For example, you could send many smaller chocolate pieces, each with a simple message on. This is always a great ice-breaker when dealing with a larger company, and it's this kind of approach which will be remembered amidst a sea of marketing enquiries which are very often the same or similar.

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