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Ordering with Schokologo: what's included?

Visited our website yet (www.schokologo.com/en/) ? On there you'll find all kinds of information about how to order, as well as lots of examples of all the innovative bespoke chocolate products we've created in the past.

Once people have seen our ideas and been inspired, the next thing they usually ask is: what's included when I order with Schokologo? This blog post answers that question comprehensively and should give you a much better idea about what to expect.


1: Firstly, we like to send out real samples to potential clients, so that they not only see what we do, but taste it also! We're happy to discuss the various types of chocolate we have on offer, as well as how many chocolates you'd like to order and any expectations about our cutting-edge machinery (which can replicate virtually any logo, slogan or design, no matter how elaborate!).


2: Secondly, we're aware that to help you properly make decisions about your order, you need to have access to pricing information, etc. Not a problem. Along with our sample pack – which usually contains both personalised chocolate pieces and individual chocolates – we'll send out a full price list, which will show that the following is included within the price...


3: What you can expect to pay:


First-up, we need to ask for a one-time set-up fee. This is 160 Euros per design, and pays for the design to be loaded onto our system.


Next, you get milk chocolate included at no extra cost. If you'd like to have white chocolate or dark chocolate then that's no problem, but it does cost a little extra!


Now we move onto packaging: to ensure that your chocolates look as good as they taste, we wrap them up in double packaging. First we make sure that each piece is individually wrapped and great looking on its own, and then we wrap the entire package in a clear bag that really sets it off. This is a great way of doing things, we've found, because the second your client receives the package, they'll glimpse what's inside and instantly smile!


Lastly, as standard, we'll emboss your company logo, signature or slogan onto the gold or silver wallets which contain the chocolate. By doing this, each one looks special and unique. The result? Happy workers for the rest of the day with something to take home at the end of it! (If they haven't eaten it by then, that is...)


Once people are decided on the style of chocolate they would like – see our many previous blog posts for good examples of what we can accomplish – they usually want to know a few more important things. Here's what we tell them:


Number of pieces you can order: as little as 50 to as many as 10,000!


Shelf life: all our chocolates are designed to keep for a minimum of 12 months without loss of quality or shape (but please do keep them away from sources of heat, and in a fridge if it's a boiling-hot summer where you are!).



Shipment: it usually takes around 3 weeks for our deliveries to reach their destinations, although we can provide a faster service if need be, so just ask us and we'll see what we can do!Schokologo

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