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What Schokologo embossed chocolate can do for your clients and your business

What Schokologo embossed chocolate can do for your clients and your business

Put yourself in the mind-set of your client: it's a busy Monday morning and the mail arrives. You don't have time to go through each and every letter right now. Instead, you scan for the most important items – a collection of envelopes, packages and parcels which you need more than anything else. The rest? It can wait. The only trouble is, some get left for too long, and some look so uninteresting that they get completely forgotten…


Here are a few things which tend to happen when Schokologo edible marketing products come through the door – products which are designed to be remembered forever! After all, when you’re competing against so many other pieces of mail, you need to make sure you start off on the right foot.


A great first impression


Your business depends on reputation, so if you're going to send an invitation or package to your client then you need to make sure it stands out as much as possible. Schokologo are experts at making custom chocolate business gifts which really stand out from the rest! We make cards with special inserts which hold custom chocolates – a great way to invite a client to an event you're holding – and all our bespoke chocolate products can be produced in runs as small as 50 pieces at a time. And the best part about what we do is the enormous variety we can offer. We don't just make custom chocolate pieces – instead, we make chocolate boxes, Easter eggs and combinations of both, designed specifically with your company in mind.


An instant understanding of your professionalism


At one time, a courtesy call to your client every 6 months would have been enough, but with the evolution of marketing strategies, more and more companies are finding ways to impress their clients. To keep up, a business needs to not only innovate, but do so without coming across too strong. This is precisely why our products tend to be so ideal. Instead of sending a gift for no real reason – other than simply to impress – we can tie-in our embossed products with whatever is going on with you right now. One of the ways we love to do that is by making bespoke chocolate prototypes of products which companies make. That way, one business can show another what they produce in a way which is both fun and engaging!


A firm grasp of your forward-thinking approach



Businesses who aren't forward-thinking do survive, but in this financial climate where every pound matters, it always pays to be one step ahead of your opponent! Our bespoke chocolates are made using cutting-edge technology which is both precise and good enough to recreate the finest of details. Sending a logo chocolate sample to a business you would like to gain interest from means that they a) get to see your personality shining through and b) understand immediately that you know where you are going. Businesses always like to work with others who have a clear idea of their own future. It gives them confidence, and psychologically it holds power: if they believe in you and build up a good impression of your business over time, then they are much more likely to keep coming back to you again and again.