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Chocolate Logos for the Holidays-the perfect executive Christmas gift -- for the VIPs who already have everything, for sales reps and vendors bored with the popcorn.
Here at Schokologo, we spend a lot of time designing, crafting and selling great bespoke chocolate business gifts and all kinds of custom chocolates (as well as lots more besides, which can be found on our Products page). And from the feedback we've been getting on our edible marketing products, it's obvious that chocolate is always a winner with both the family and customers.
Bespoke chocolates, edible marketing gifts and custom chocolate gifts are fantastic – we know it, you know it, everyone knows it. Simple. Sending a chocolate prototype of your latest product is bound to turn heads and get people talking – our cutting-edge technology can create a replica of virtually anything, no matter how detailed!
While many visitors arrive at our website with a perfectly-formed idea of the chocolate-themed gift they want to give to their clients – our innovative edible marketing products are always one solution – we're well aware that not everyone does. Do you go for bespoke chocolate business gifts, personalised chocolates or embossed chocolates with a surprising centre? Well, today we’re going to help you work that out.
What Schokologo embossed chocolate can do for your clients and your business

Put yourself in the mind-set of your client: it's a busy Monday morning and the mail arrives. You don't have time to go through each and every letter right now. Instead, you scan for the most important items – a collection of envelopes, packages and parcels which you need more than anything else. The rest? It can wait. The only trouble is, some get left for too long, and some look so uninteresting that they get completely forgotten…
Here at Schokologo, we get a lot of emails every single week asking how we can help customers and what makes our service unique.